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  • Chateau Noel Gardens

    The twelve formal gardens surrounding Chateau Noel were originally designed by Helen Crocker Russell in cooperation with Bruce Porter, the renowned landscape architect famous for the coveted Filioli Gardens of Woodside, California. Completely rejuvenated in the 1980s by Gordon and Noel Hentschel, they now present a bouquet of Western variety. The gardens range from an animal shape garden to a rose garden to a vegetable and fruit garden to an 18th century Georgian landscape of manicured hedges and ordered flora.

    For holiday festivities, sponsor an elaborate Easter Egg Hunt throughout the Chateau grounds. Or for Christmas, stage your very own Nativity scene. A Passover Sader dinner or Rosh Hashana celebration can be set up near the rose garden. And a life-size chess set reminiscent of the parks in Geneva can provide for an afternoon tournament of strategy and delight.

    Stretching into the valley horizon beyond the gardens is a four-hole golf course crowned by the Waterfall Pavilion and a soon-to-be completed 120 square foot conservatory/chapel. Before driving out to one of the five major golf courses in the area, practice your drive, your swing and/or simply putt on the greens. Stage a performing arts event or host a small speaking convention or mount a political fundraiser in our Waterfall Pavilion. The audience capacity ranges from 150 to 200 persons.

    A deer's leap from the Chateau, a new 12-acre vineyard compliments the landscaped grounds. It is currently under development to produce a 5,000 case winery. A carriage path lined with one hundred fruit-bearing olive trees will take you on a picturesque stroll through the vineyard's center fold. Let the cool country air and the sight of chardonnay and merlot vines fill you with extraordinary possibility for the future.