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  • Garden Tours


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    Experience the best of Stonepine's private 330 acre estate. More info >

  • Horse Back Riding

    Before Stonepine became a world-class resort, the estate was one of the largest thoroughbred breeding facilities west of the Mississippi. Today, the Equestrian Center is committed to excellence in horsemanship of all levels. Guests are invited to be apart of this horseman experience. As a taste of this experience, guests can partake in lessons in riding or scenic trail rides. Don't shirk from the adventure. Try something new.

    If you are looking for a traditional adventure on horseback, Stonepine gives over a dozen different trail ride routes to choose from and all accompanied by a highly experienced guide. Our trail horses do not fit the profile of the retired, "dude ranch" plodder. They are acutely trained animals that are responsive to your direction and can be trusted by even the least experienced of riders to deliver a safe journey through the hills and valleys of Carmel Valley.